Foto: Aitor Ayesa

The church of “San Juan” has several interesting reredos pieces, all made from the 16th century on. The most outstanding one is the “Retablo Mayor” (main reredos). It is utterly baroque and its making was begun at the end of the 17th century. It was placed on the central apse at the end of the same century. “San Juan Bautista” (“John the Baptist”) appears sitting and presiding over all the scene; “San Antón” is on the right side and “San Julián” on the left.

San Juan Evangelista (John the Evangelist) appears in the middle of the central part of the reredos. We can see two relief pieces on the lower bench. The one on the left represents the Flagellation and on the right, we can see the Thorn Crowning. The are two other relief pieces on the upper bench. The Prayer in the Garden of Olives is on the left and The Fall on the Way to the Calvary is on the right.

The reredos pieces at the lateral apses are both Neoclassic, from the end of the 18th century. The one on the right is about “Santiago” (“Saint James the Greater”) and the one on the left is about “San Andrés” (Saint Andrew).