Foto: Aitor Ayesa

The day of San Blas is celebrated at Páganos on the Sunday that is closest to February 3rd . They are very well received, perhaps because they are the first of the year.

All the inhabitants of Laguardia go down to Páganos. A dance called “Chulalai” is performed and a relic of the saint is kissed. There is some typical food of this day like soup with “chorizo” (a type of spicy sausage) puff pastry and red wine. Warm wine is also served, maybe because the cold weather calls for it.

It is a growing habit to go to the blessing of a type of bread called “cachetes” together with puff pastry.


Chulalai is a typical dance from San Blas, which is celebrated in February in the village of Páganos, a kilometre away from Laguardia, and part of the same municipality.

Anybody who wants to can participate in this dance, thus becoming an improvised danzarines making up a large chorus, dancing to the rhythm of Chulalai music. This curious dance alternates between rhythms and movements. What might most attract our attention is the “crashes” or “butt-bumps” occurring at different times at the beat of the music, characteristic of this peculiar dance.

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