Questions about wine

What is the right temperature for the tasting of each type of wine?

Wine is preferably consumed cold but if it gets too cold it may taste a little sour.

Reserva red wines are best tasted at 16º and 18ºC. Crianza red wines between 14º and 16ºC, and the wine of the year, between 12º and 14ºC

The temperature of red wine should not be below 15º (centigrade), the rosé wine should be about 11º and the white wine should be between 8º and 10º.

With sparkling wines, drink at 6º and 9ºC.

How can I know the age of wine?

By the change of its taste and bouquet and by its yellow colour. Yellow colour is present in all wines and it is the only colour in white ones. Rosé and red wines are obviously related to red colour. This yellow colour becomes more intense, due to oxidation, with the passage of time, whereas red colour eventually disappears.

Thus, we can know the age of wine as long as it is under four years old; if it is older this becomes more difficult

How must the uncorking be done?

The first important factor is the placing of the bottles until they are uncorked. If they are placed vertically with the cork up the wine ends up growing a skin on its free surface. If the bottles are stored upside down wine dregs may remain on the cork, and when the bottle is uncorked they cloud the wine. So they must be stored horizontally in a dark place live casino games online with no vibrations and with no drastic temperature changes, at about 12º centigrade.

Try not to move the bottle, sometimes the cork has some mould on from the oak tree.

When the cork is taken out it is soaked and it usually drips wine; so if there is some mould on the cork the drops have a nasty taste and may ruin the wine. When the bottle is uncorked we must pour a little wine with a gentle shake, which should take away those nasty drops.