Geographic situation

The Basque Country , in the north of Spain, is an area that shows great cultural richness and strong contrasts.

Heading south from the coast, we cross its mountains, valleys and plains and we get to the Rioja Alavesa, famous for its wines. Laguardia stands in the middle of the region, and it is 635 metres high above sea level.

It's municipal district, with an elongated shape towards the south, and with a linear distance of 11.000 metres, covers an area of 81.441 m2.

Foto: Aitor Ayesa

Geographic boundaries

Located in the south of Alava, la Rioja Alavesa is clearly bounded by the Cantabria mountain range (Sierra de Cantabria) to the north; from here its lands slope gently downwards as far as the Ebro river, where its south boundary is.

Laguardia itself is bounded by the mountains of Cantabria to the north and by the left bank of the Ebro to the south. The San Ginés river splits the districts of Elvillar and Laguardia in the east, and it is bounded by Navaridas to the west.

Páganos, El Campillar and Laserna are villages within the jurisdiction of Laguardia

These geographic nuances provide this area with its particular landscapes and climate, which have clearly made a mark both in its history and in the villagers' character.